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Think A New Language: Think German!

If you are thinking of learning a new language and are not sure where to start, you might want to consider German. In contrast to what you might think, German…Read more

Top 7 Language Learning Myths

We’ve posted some pieces about how best to learn languages and why learning languages is good for you. This week we turn our attention to some of the myths, weird…Read more

Rethinking The Teacher

Over the years, methods of teaching and how we think about the process of education has changed a lot. This is especially evident in the sphere of Business Language teaching….Read more

TalenInstituut Goes Smart!

TalenInstituut Nederland has just made a serious investment into resources and installed Smart TV’s in their Keizersgracht training rooms. Sourced exclusively from Coolblue, this equipment is set to take language…Read more

Ten Top Tips for learning a Language

Language learning varies from person to person and language to language. But if you read the literature, there are some very simple things you can do to make learning a…Read more