Creative Thinking For Problem Solving

Creative Thinking – we need to be good at solving problems: At work, at home, while commuting… everywhere. Problems solving is what humans do. It’s how we got out of the caves and onto the Internet.

But how do we solve problems? It turns out that we use our capacity to think creatively. We take what we already know, can see or observe and we extrapolate, or imagine what might happen if we add new factors or change the existing factors.

That word imagine is critical. It is the word that tells you we are being creative when we solve problems.

Most humans will agree that they can solve problems. Some of us are better at it than others but we are comfortable with our ability to do this.

But only a small percentage of humans recognise themselves as creative.

This is a disconnect. A powerful disconnect. By claiming to NOT be creative, we limit our capacity to change or influence our environment. It means we must always react passively to change and problems that are thrust upon us.

The human ability to create has resulted in a world that is full of high-speed change: the internet, gadgets, software and ideas abound. Mostly, we feel on the back foot as we struggle to keep up and understand our fast-changing world.

In business this is a problem that has resulted in shorter life spans for big businesses, and regular upheavals as modern technology destroys old business models.

We all need to be more creative right now. From boardroom to shopfloor and beyond, we need to take charge of what is happening to us. Because when we do, we feel more fulfilled, happy and in control of our lives. And when we feel that way, we are more productive, healthy and dependable.

But can you just become more creative? I believe yes! As we have seen from the problem-solving example above, we use creativity every day. But it is so everyday, so natural, that we don’t perceive it for what it is. Creativity, according to most of us, is what artists and inventors and tech entrepreneurs do, not what we do.

But biologically, neurologically, it is the same thing. We follow the same process. I offer workshops and keynotes that demonstrate HOW creativity works and how to access yours. The workshops unpack the process, its key components and share tools and tricks that work… helping anyone to get more, better ideas, solve problems better and exercise more control over their own worlds by CREATING options and choices for themselves instead of waiting for them to emerge.

Businesses and employers tend to approach creativity as something people either have or do not have and employ accordingly. BUT if they were able to unleash the creative potential of everyone in a business… the wealth of intellectual property, new solutions, better ideas, new processes and overall improvement that would emerge would be revolutionary… simply by setting everyone in the business free to be their creative selves.

Does this sound like magic to you? Well, it’s not, it’s the exact opposite

If you’re intrigued, set up an intake call with us and let’s discover how activating the creativity in yourself, your team or your business can help you.

David Chislett, senior trainer zakelijk Engels