Presentation Skills Training

A good example of how Business Language training differs from just learning a new language is presentation skills. At the TalenInstituut, we aim to equip our clients with more than just language skills. We aim to also add to and/or reinforce the skills they need with language to perform particular tasks.

This is why if you need to improve your presentation skills, a business language course is a really good idea. A typical course might cover the following aspects in detail:

The first area to receive attention will mostly be vocabulary. Here the aim is to make sure you have all the most accurate and useful words that you need to present your work. This could be technical jargon, industry related terms or even just the polite forms required in your target language.

One element that can really get in the way of your presentation being a success is pronunciation. It is no problem to have an accent as long as the way you form the sounds of your target language is good. Once we have an idea of the vocabulary you need to use, our trainers can then coach you in the correct pronunciation of the vocabulary to help you be as clear and easy to understand as possible.

Good pronunciation is about more than just making the sounds of the language correctly. It is also about rhythm, emphasis and intonation. Here your trainer will make sure that you put emphasis in the correct places in sentences to put across the meaning you want as well as to help you emphasise the correct parts of words.

All presentations go far more smoothly when you are confident. Being uncertain about vocabulary and pronunciation can really affect your confidence. Not only do we help you with those technical aspects, but our trainers will also identify what you do well and make sure that, come presentation time, you are confident in what you are doing and know how to stand and hold yourself so that you appear more confident as well.

The way we write for any kind of speaking is very different to how you would write a document. Presentations especially need to be very clear and to the point, with all unnecessary words and habits removed. Our trainers are skilled in identifying what is necessary and what is not and in helping you write in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

There is nothing more unprofessional than speaking for too long or too short when doing a presentation. Knowing how many words translates into how much time is an important presentation skills and one we will practice with you.

Adult learners typically under estimate how much they need to rehearse their presentations. Remember, if you are speaking in your second or third language, a lot of the things you can do without thinking in your mother tongue just take longer and require more energy. Rehearsal is the only way to make sure you present as fluently and confidently as possible.

Working with imagery
A very important part of any presentation is what it looks like. Our trainers can also give you good advice, tips and resources for your images: what they should look like and how you should use them.

TalenInstituut Learning Tip:
If you are a skilled presenter in your mother tongue, do not just assume you can do it as well in your second language. Prepare more thoroughly and rehears more to be able to have the same effect.

Here at TalenInstituut Nederland we understand the needs that companies face as well as the fears individual learners feel. This is why we offer flexible, fully customised Business language courses (including presentation training) to businesses and individuals. Through a process of interviews and meetings we establish the unique needs and competence of our clients and design each and every course around those. To find out more about our Business Language courses, visit our website and ask us for a quote:

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By: David Chislett
Senior Trainer Business English