Language Training Issues

Just as there are issues in all aspects of learning something new, there are issues related to language training. These problems can extend from personal motivation and self-discipline, not having been taught the importance and significance of knowledge of other languages at a young age, to not having sufficient access to courses within the company you work for.

Our society is failing to teach our younger generations how learning and understanding a variety of languages is worth so much more than a passing grade on a school assignment. So often I see young students do what they can to get by in a language course, but never pursue anything past that. Knowledge of languages can open doors to not only career opportunities, but also insight into other people.

Small to medium sized companies often do not have the budgets or the ability to provide language courses for their employees. This not only hinders the employees from being the best version of themselves in the work place, but it can also limit international business opportunities since their employees do not have the necessary skills.

When a company has the resources to provide language training for its employees, they need to provide specific classes on an as-needed basis. There are often a wide range of learning needs among employees, so opportunities need to be provided for a diverse in-company population, relating to skills, levels, and a need for broad or specific curriculums.

I have found that employees who take language courses voluntarily tend to be more motivated. The rate at which they improve their fluency, fluidity, and vocabulary is much more accelerated than that of someone who is being forced to take a course.

Taleninstituut tip: Languages are often pushed as a career booster, but what you should remember is they have so much more depth. They are a useful and priceless tool for expanding knowledge of other cultures, and connecting with people on a global scale.  

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By: Molly Powell 
Trainer Business English

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