Individual language courses

The individual language course is directed at participants who are responsible for maintaining contact with foreign business partners or for participants who want to prepare themselves for working in the Netherlands or in another country. Our individual language courses are custom made and always based on the individual situation, type of industry and the position of the participant.

This course is extremely suitable for a person who wants to learn the basics of a language quickly, or wants to refresh or expand on their current knowledge of the language, with a view to performing his or her business function. Due to the one-on-one nature of the relationship between participant and trainer, this form of training is extremely efficient for participants who wants to learn a languagewithin a short period of time, or want to noticeably improve their knowledge and skills.

We offer these language courses at our training centre in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht or on site at your location throughout the Netherlands.

Individual Dutch language courses

Mastering the Dutch language is an important factor to integrate quickly and successfully – not just at work but also in the private environment.
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Individual English language courses

Doing business internationally? From America to China, from the Scandinavian countries to Africa; with English you can go anywhere.
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Individual German language courses

Knowledge of not only the language, but also of the German (business-)culture, is indispensable when doing business with your German contacts.
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Individual French language courses

A thorough knowledge of this beautiful language will significantly increase your chances on the French market and in some African countries.
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Individual Spanish language courses

With a sound knowledge of the Spanish language, contact with trade partners in not only Spain but nearly all of South America will become easier.
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