TalenInstituut Goes Smart!

TalenInstituut Nederland has just made a serious investment into resources and installed Smart TV’s in their Keizersgracht training rooms. Sourced exclusively from Coolblue, this equipment is set to take language training at the Institute into the 22nd century.

“The Smart TV technology can really make every lesson totally interactive,” remarked Taleninstituut course coordinator Andreas Wand, “We want to be as flexible and up to date as possible for all of our clients. Smart TV makes our custom business language courses really come to life.”

The fully wireless system allows trainers to load videos, PowerPoints, documents and audio clips directly onto the system and share with their clients through the click of a mouse or a tap on an iPad. It also means that, in a heartbeat, trainers can change material, look things up on the web, source an interesting piece of news or even play a game with their clients.

The combination of an internet connection, a Samsung Smart TV, the Apple TV system and very experienced, native-speaker trainers means that the TalenInstituut has a new cutting edge tool in its arsenal of custom language course creation tools.

Trainers can connect to the Smart TV’s using the Institutes iPads, or by plugging their own laptop directly into the system with an HDMI cable. Material can similarly be shared from the client’s machine or any other digital device. This means that all the imaginable resources online and on AppleTV can easily be integrated with lessons and materials and all the other gadgets and content the trainers have on their machines.

This new technology will enhance TalenInstituut’s capabilities and showcase our existing strengths. For more information about our courses, rates, facilities and trainers, please contact us on:

+31 (0) 20 7727197

At TalenInstituut Nederland (The Dutch Language Institute) we understand the needs that companies face as well as the fears individual learners feel. This is why we offer flexible, fully customised Business English training to businesses and individuals. Through a process of interviews and meetings we establish the unique needs and competence of our clients and design each and every course around those. To find out more about our Business English and other language courses, visit our website and ask us for a quote: www.taleninstituut.nl.

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By: David Chislett
Trainer Business English

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